LTC Providers – Pros & Cons

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Mutual of Omaha

  • It is especially beneficial for single men aged between 50-60 years of age.
  • It is fairly priced for married couple at their late 60’s.
  • It have a rider that is unique in nature as it provides help to pay benefits for an uninsurable spouse when the other one went to claim it for care.
  • Another special feature of it has a inflation benefit option that give access to the policy holder to boost their growth (inflation) percentage in coming time period without going through the health underwriting process.


  • Not much beneficiary for married couple under 55years of age.
  • For single females of every age it’s not economical and competitive.

Northwestern Mutual


  • Compared to other LTC insurance companies, the health under writing is more liberal in this company.
  • It has a high financial rating among other companies selling long term care insurance.
  • It has never increased their rate on policyholders in any long term care policy.
  • Upon their LTC care insurance policy they had paid & still continuingly paying dividends. It helps the policyholder to lower the premiums on a longer period.


  • There is a certain disadvantage for younger people who have a high/good health maintenance as there is no preferred health discounts.
  • Sometimes the premiums are higher here compared to other companies in the sector of same benefits & service.
  • It is less flexible in terms of choice than others.

Transamerica Long Term Care Insurance Company


  • They have an elimination period for home care of zero days at absolutely free of cost and charges.
  • They use a very easy health underwriting for diseases like cancer. Within 6month of your treatment, you can be insured.
  • The premium cost maybe less from others on a gender based policy.
  • If you are for inflation growth option, then 3% compound step-rated inflation is a great thing.


  • The share care option is not a very economical or competitive one.
  • California rates are expensive.


Genworth Long Term Care Insurance Company


  • Economical and beneficial for younger persons. Also good option for married couples in their 40’s – 50’s.
  • Beneficial for California, New York & Indiana based couples.
  • It is an interesting tends for the people in a very well maintained health.


  • Single women may/will find it expensive in nature.
  • For married couples in their late 50’s may find it bit expensive in nature.
  • 40% more rates will be charged and applied compared to Genworth’s preferred best rates for Tobacco using personnel & the diabetes person/patient.


Therefore we can now clearly conclude the different advantages and disadvantages these companies have over each another on the field of Long Term Care Insurance.