Long Term Care – An Introduction

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The first thing first, what exactly is LTC, why do we need it and off course, what are the benefits etc. As needless it is to mention LTC stands for long term care, the questions arises how long and strong it stands in apt field service. Let’s go in a deep elaboration about LTC, and find out what is it.

As reported by John Beard, director of the WHO Department of Ageing and Life Course, “With the rapid ageing of populations, finding the right model for long-term care becomes more and more urgent”. LTC is a huge and major growing sector in the field of health and care. However, in growing rat race of the human species it is becoming more and more necessity service rather than a substitute service.

LTC is basically a support service for a chronicle disease or recurring mishap or need of yours.

Suppose you are living in a for lone life and suddenly some mishap occurs and none of your near and dear ones are close at hand for your ailing. Obviously we need to survive, that is a basic human nature, and so support our life system with things which we are no more capable of doing, but it must be done we avail the service of LTC.
Nursing and hospital services are therefore one the highlighted sector of LTC, though it covers near about every life supporting services.

There are various types of LTC services; broadly they are classifieds into these categories-
1.Home care– These type of services are provided by families, friends or the professional experts (maybe individual or agencies). These may include any type of services from house chores to nursing.
2. Community Services– These services are provided to the person in need or the family of that person. This type of support services includes nursing, adult day care or hospices.But, we must keep in mind that LTC is not a support or care service for a general illness or short tern mishap which can be recovered over a short time period.

It is also not a service for any kind of accidents or casualty which will or can be recovered in a specifies or given time period. The service of LTC is used for a life time support need and casualty.
It’s a common and general concept that it is basically for the use of elder and older citizens only. But, it’s been observed that these services are avails by 41% of people who were still to be reached their “sour” sixties. The data itself confirms that the need and growth in the need of this services.
It’s been greatly said that

Fear is a thought of future

Nowadays it’s very common that people are worried about their health after a certain point of time, when their physical self will no longer be able to shoulder their burden of chores, works and illness. The fear of chronic illness is stable. No one knows when they will become a victim of it.
Therefore it’s better to be remain prepare rather than feeling sorry for the past endeavor winch cannot be changed.Basically, it is a service upon which your day to day chores and survival depends when you are in needs of certain basic amenities which is to be done for your day to day survival and on goings.