Long Term Care Insurance Service Providers

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Now the question arises that is, who will provide us the LONG TERM CARE and how will they provide. It’s a basic question that is very commonly and frequently asked by all people whenever the topic of this service came up. Actually these questions arise whenever there are questions or queries about service related topics.

Let us consider two examples,
1. You suddenly fell sick on your way home from the workplace. But somehow you managed to get to your place, and your friends and families started to care and nursing you to get yourself back to full health for a prolonged period of time. Consider as long as you will live, their service will continue.

  2.  You suddenly fell sick on your way home from your workplace. But somehow you managed to get there and your friends and families call a doctor and upon his expert advice contacted an agency to provide you lifelong support services.

So, from the above two examples, which one you think is an example of LTC service being provided to you?

The answer is, both of them are LTC service provided to you. It doesn’t matter who provides you the service, as long it is provided for a prolonged periods of time, considerably a life time service for your day to day chores, needs or survival necessities.

Therefore we can say that, from the above discussion that this service can be provided by friends and families as well as expert companies or personnel. There are various expert companies and personnel who are willingly providing services of LTC.

In US the need of this service is gradually rocketing, therefore as per the rice of demand the cost of it is also quite high.

Medicaid is one of those initiatives taken by the US government to ensure the health of its citizen. It covers the health insurance and nursing for the older people. In some states, it also covers (some) the LONG TERM CARE for people. However the service is based upon certain criteria’s, which may differs from region to region or states to states. Very often the criterion for eligibility is based upon the income and personal resources.

As we have mentioned earlier, the demand for it is increasing in a vast pace, the number of providers are also growing in great array. There are several well known and reputed companies and organization that are providing long term care services at a certain cost amount.

For example companies like Berkshire Life, American general life (AIG) are among those who are providing these services for a certain costs. The cost however varies based upon different criteria’s.

Therefore we can conclude that LONG TERM CARE can be provided by both family members and companies. However, we need LONG TERM CARE basically when no near or dear ones are available for taking care of you. The government also provides certain amenities for it.

Along with government, the private expert companies also provide these services in a certain rate. Keeping in view of the rearing pace of the upward graph of need for LTC, the number of companies and their vast array of services are also increasing.