What is the difference between long term care insurance policy & life insurance policy?

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Sometimes there is confusion and dilemma between life insurance policy and long term care insurance policy. Actually, both are different in nature with different benefits and facilities. Though its both have same generic qualities, they are slightly different in few crucial aspects. The different aspects of differentiation are discussed as follows:- Benefits of Long term […]

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At a certain point of time i.e, after 50-60 years of age, long term care insurance has a major role to play in the life line nowadays. However, people can say that the ethical care of the love and dear ones will look after and take care of them at their elder hood & old […]

Long Term Care – The Age Factor

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Slowly, steadily and gradually, we all tends to age. There is a high possibility that despite of maintaining a good & fit health, you might be coming out of your doctor’s chamber/hospital with a new note, which usually changers in few months. Once you are at 50’s, the medicine keeps you going but sometimes some […]