What is the difference between long term care insurance policy & life insurance policy?

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Sometimes there is confusion and dilemma between life insurance policy and long term care insurance policy. Actually, both are different in nature with different benefits and facilities. Though its both have same generic qualities, they are slightly different in few crucial aspects. The different aspects of differentiation are discussed as follows:- Benefits of Long term […]

How much Medicare cover Long Term care?

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Long term care and medicare does not have any formal agreement or code of conduct. If you were receiving private long term care facilities even then you will have your medicare benefits.   A limited and definite amount are paid by medicare services in case of long term care services. If you have to spent […]

Long Term Care Insurance

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None of us want to be dependent on others especially for doing our day to day activities. However some unfortunate event or inevitable old age issues can lead to physical or intellectual impairment. This makes the patient depend on external help for doing activities like eating, bathing, dressing, using the bathroom etc. This type of […]